Visitors Carol and Trevor, July 2006

Hello Christine and Keith

Well, I can't believe that its over 2 weeks since our return from a wonderful holiday with you on Poco Andante. Already my 'suntan' is fading away. However every day we recall to each other some of the fantastic experiences we had and can't resist slipping Tahiti anecdotes into conversations with Earthsong guests.

I've successfully downloaded all the great photos we took and seeing them on the computer screen is almost like being back with you both. We had a great look at your updated website photolibrary and enjoyed the photos you've chosen. It was especially fun to look at some of your Tuamoto picnic shots and recognise fellow cruisers that we met in Tahiti.

Great taste memories we are treasuring include THE RUM TASTINGS, the vanilla tour, THE COFFEE TASTINGS, the pampelmousse, THE BANANA PANCAKE BREAKFASTS, Keith's succulent lamb roast, THE CHEESES AND PATE PREPRANDIALS, the first rum punch of the day! Keith's pizzas, THE POCO ANDANTE BBQ DINNER WITH TOM AND ANA, the wine tastings from the Poco Andante cellar.

My most off the wall experience was feeding the stingrays, which I decided was fascinating but bizarre. Their skin felt just like velvet. As I watched the rays 'embracing' Keith, I couldn't help thinking of a matador with his cape. Really loved the snorkeling especially as the water temperature was sooo warm.

My favourite sister memories were sitting up together sipping rum under the stars and filling in the gaps since we were together last. I really loved being able to return your tiara after being lost for 35? years. And wasn't that a great moment we shared walking into the restaurant in Raiatea all dolled up. Keith - it's a girlie thing. Pareu tying - that was fun too. Most of all, gaining an appreciation of your awesome sailing skills, another dimension to my very talented sister.

The Tahitian dancing was great, as was Keith when he took a turn in the floor show and showed those other men how to really move and groove to the beat of the polynesian drums. Way to go, Keith.

We now look at yachts visiting our island home with much more interest and knowledge. We now recognise a 'cruiser' from a weekend sailer, can recognise a ketch, and of course a big give away is the clothes line.

Thank you both so much for your generosity, your tolerance, and for giving us memories we will always treasure.

Carol and Trevor