Our Diary UK 2018 - Part 2

2018 has been a year of two halves. The first half saw us in travel mode with a trip to Spain (to escape the UK winter), a cruise to the Norwegian fjords (via cruise liner), then a camping trip to the Emerald Isle. Whilst there we accepted an offer for the sale of our house in the UK.

Upon our return we went into removal mode and drastically down-sized and returned our precious goods into storage pending shipping to Australia. By September we were ready to go - but then our sale fell through and left us in the lurch. Thankfully our good friends Gill & Aidan in Dorset and Maggie & Trevor in Hampshire stepped in and allowed us to share their homes while we sorted ourselves out over the next three months. For this act of kindness we will be eternally thankful. After a few weeks the house sale was on again and our worldly goods are now on their way to Brisbane.

We also received the happy news that Charlotte and Rachel are expecting a baby in January - we are so happy for them both. Rachel is going to be the lucky mum. We're staying in Europe to welcome the new babe - but are waiting it out in Lagos, Portugal where it is warmer than the UK.

Health-wise, the news is very mixed. As well as the "Getting Old" syndrome, Keith's indolent blood cancer has not been so indolent - and the "watch and wait" strategy is becoming more frequent.


We are looking forward to our move to Oz although we will sorely miss our family and friends in the UK. We look forward to re-acquainting ourselves with our new and old friends and family Down Under. We believe we've got a few more adventures in us and the move to Oz will be a whole new adventure - and we are hopeful that the climate will help ameliorate Keith's condition. We hope to be on our way mid-to-late January 2019.