Our Diary News from France

The TGV was our next mode of transport we left Milan at 8.45 and arrived in Paris at 3pm in the afternoon. The train from Milan arrived at the Gare de Lyon and we had booked a cheap hotel close to the Gare du Nord - our departure point on the 06.30 EuroStar train to London the next day. The hotel was just a couple of stops away on the Metro and once again we deposited our cases in the left luggage office. We anticipated that the hotel wouldn’t have a lift - and didn’t fancy carrying them up five flights of stairs, which is the norm in Paris’ inexpensive hotels. Good move!

Our only task for that evening was to find a good French restaurant within walking distance and enjoy French food again. This was more difficult than we thought – the hotel seemed to be surrounded by eateries from all over the world - Thai, Indian, Moroccan, and Mexican. Eventually, alongside the Quai de Valmy canal sitting sublimely in the sun was just what we were looking for – La Marine. With a bottle of wine and an excellent meal we concluded our trip across Asia and Europe.

Just the English Channel to conquer!