Bear Adventures

Bears and the Lonely Dragon

Beware of the dragons!" said Ivy.

The bears were having a great time in Cuba; they had finished visiting the sights of the USA and were now glad to get back to the sun and blue seas of the Caribbean. In Havana they met a lovely girl called Ivy and were excited to hear all her tales of Cuba - such as monster barracuda, beautiful fishes and the wilds of the islands.  S'Bastion was very pleased to hear that there were even monkeys living on some of the islands.   As she waved them good-bye, Ivy warned them "Beware of the dragons!" 

"Are there dragons here?" asked Little Bear nervously. 

"Only on some of the islands…" replied Ivy.

After seeing the sights of Havana they set sail to visit the islands and, just as they had been told, the water was crystal clear and the fish were beautiful. They even saw some monkeys but they were too far away to talk to - much to the disappointment of S'Bastion.  They even met a fellow traveller, Cow, who had come all the way from Holland and joined them on the boat for a few weeks.   They landed on one of these spectacular islands one day and went for a stroll along the beach.

Chatting away they heard "Buenos dias" and turned to see a friendly Crocodile walking up behind them.

"Good morning" replied Keswick.

"You are Inglezzy!" exclaimed the Crocodile. "Mi name iz Cuba, who are youz?"

The bears started to tell Cuba all about themselves… They had encountered the friendly Cubans before so were not surprised by this encounter.  Cuba then walked and talked with them.  On the walk they came to a small hut. 
"Theez belong to mi grandmuzzer," said Cuba "would you like to look?"

"Yes please!" they all shouted together.  The hut was a little house covered in coconut palms and was quite cosy inside. 

"What's that over there?" asked Cow, pointing to something hiding behind a low lying wall.

"I'm not sure," said Little Bear "let's go and look". 

S'Bastion was hopeful that it was a monkey so agreed to go with Little Bear.   They both walked over and, much to their surprise, saw a hideous scaly head appear above the wall. 

"DRAGON!" shouted Little Bear, and quickly ducked behind a coconut - with S 'Bastion following sharply.   Cuba, Cow, Jerra-Mary and Keswick stared in amazement and horror as the dragon approached.   

"I'll go and save them" said Keswick bravely as he picked up a stick to fight with.  He was very pleased when Cuba joined him, though.  They crept up on the dragon hoping to scare it away with the stick - but as they got close they heard "Bienvenido Cayo Largo!"   

Much to their surprise, the dragon was lonely and just wanted to talk!  Cuba was pleased to hear that the dragon knew his grandmother long ago and had lots of stories to tell. The intrepid four and Cow said goodbye and left Cuba chatting away in Spanish, a happy reunion.

Cow had come all the way from Holland!

"Buenos dias" said the crocodile...

"What's that over there?" asked Cow.

"DRAGON!" shouted Little Bear..

"I'll go and save them" said Keswick