Bear Adventures Bears in the US of A - Part 1

The warm sunshine and blue tropical seas were behind the intrepid four and they were now freezing in the cold and dungeon thick fog of Maine.

"Why didddd we come here?" shivered Little Bear.

"To eat blueberry pie and see the sights of the great US," replied Keswick.

"So what is Maine famous for?" asked S'Bastion.

"Lobsters and fog - that's what the guidebook says," continued Keswick who was reading the Lonely Planet guide.

"Well, we've seen the fog, so let's find a lobster! Then we can move to warmer parts!" remarked Jerra-Mary. Finding a lobster was easy - they were everywhere. Supermarkets, restaurants, tied up to wharves - the bright red crustaceans were depicted all over the place.

After Maine they had a brief visit to New Hampshire - which has only got a tiny coastline. They found themselves in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

"This was the first place that was settled from England and all the buildings are very old," said Keswick, as they wandered around. "America used to be part of Britain," he continued, "and on the fourth of July each year they celebrate their Independence. We'll have to join in the party on that day!"

Fourth of July was a lovely warm and sunny day. They prepared a sumptuous picnic and joined in the fun at Newport, Rhode Island. They also went to a baseball game (which was a special highlight). "This is much better than Maine" said S'Bastion as he tucked into a blueberry pie.

Their next port of call was Mystic, Connecticut. "This is a very old whaling port" said Jerra-Mary, who had managed to wrest the guide book from Keswick. They were just wandering along the waterfront when … Splash!!! Little Bear disappeared over the edge and was now floating in the Mystic River!

"Help!" shouted Jerra-Mary, "please can someone rescue Little Bear?"

Luckily, two women were just passing in their tender and, quick as a flash, Little Bear was returned to dry land.

"What happened?" asked Keswick.

"I just tripped over," said Little Bear, "and found myself flying through the air…. what a huge surprise when I found myself in the water. But all is well thanks to my rescuers. It'll take a while to dry out though - I am very wet!"

Lobsters in Maine
Even small towns have opera houses!
An original settler!
Fourth of July picnic
At the baseball game
An old mill - just like the UK
Watching the Fourth of July parade
Photo before Little Bear went for a swim
Rescued and rescuers!!