Bear Adventures Bears and the Instruments of Torture

"Land ahoy!" called Keswick at the top of his voice… "At last," sighed Little Bear. "It's Bermuda, hopefully," remarked Jerra-Mary.

The intrepid four had had a long trip after their lovely stay in the Caribbean. "I loved our stay in Puerto Rico. It was really nice to have our birthdays in the sunshine," said Little Bear. Both Little Bear and Keswick have their birthdays close together and celebrated them by going to a restaurant on one of the islands in Puerto Rico. "I enjoyed the cheese cake the best," remarked S'Bastion. "It was very cheeky of that pelican to try to pinch my fish," said Keswick. "What will we discover in Bermuda?" he asked.

"How beautiful," said Jerra-Mary, as the four wandered around the island. "But there are some strange people here," said Little Bear nervously. Keswick was just drawing breath to reply when they heard a chilling cry.

"Help!!!!!!!!, help me please, someone……….." The four all looked at each other and didn't know how to respond to this cry. "It's obviously a girl," said Jerra-Mary."We'd better help," replied Keswick bravely. So the four ran towards the cry - not knowing what to expect.

They ran down the hill towards the harbour where the cry seemed to be coming from. As they rounded the corner they burst into the crowd around a poor girl chained to a post. Unfortunately they were spotted by a man in a four cornered hat. "And what have we here?" he asked. "We were just coming to help that poor girl," said S'Bastion. "Why is she chained up and what has she done?" asked Little Bear bravely.

"She is a nosy-parker and gossips too much - just like you Four," he said. "I think we should teach you a lesson, too. Put them in the stocks!" he ordered. And before they could blink an eye they found themselves bound and put in the stocks - in full view of all the crowd and in full view of the poor girl. "Don't worry," she smiled, "It's only a game! My name is Lizzy and I often get blamed for all sorts of things…….."

The Four watched as the man in the hat called Lizzy all sorts of names and accused her of gossiping. No matter what she said in reply the crowd jeered and demanded more… It all ended with Lizzy being forced onto the ducking stool and being dropped into the harbour three times. She was then set free and came over to the Four and thanked them for their bravery! Once she was dry she took them to the local ice cream parlour where they all laughed at the day's events. Even the parrot at the next table laughed with them…

I enjoyed the cheesecake!
"I think we should teach you a lesson too!"

"She's a nosy parker and gossips too much!"

Bermuda - how beautiful
Even the parrot laughed with them