Bear Adventures
Once upon a time ...
Jerra-Mary, Little Bear and Keswick were three happy little bears who lived with Christine and Keith in a little house near Southampton England. The bears were used to having lots of adventures and had been everywhere with their original owners, Emily, Robert and Charlotte and were now looking forward to lots more.

One day Christine and Keith decided to go on a big sailing adventure in their boat and asked whether we would like to come to. We sent word to Keswick who was at the time living in Knightsbridge and helping Robert with his studies.

A bear conference was called for. "Where will we go?" asked Little Bear. "Will we see dolphins and whales?" asked Jerra-Mary."Sharks and storms more like!" said Keswick. But the adventurous three decided that it would be good fun to go anyway.

Preparations and packing started in earnest and the three practice their knots and studied the atlas closely, deciding what clothes and things to take.

The day of departure dawned. "Where's the sunshine that we were so looking forward to?" asked Little Bear.

The three bears now settled down to a short trip along the South Coast of England getting prepared for their first sailing trip to foreign lands.

Helping packing Jerra-Marynearly joins the plates and crockery!!

"We've got to practise pumping up the dinghy" says Little Bear.
Keswick gets a helping hand from Rob as they haul on the jib sheet off the Needles.
"Where's Keswick?" asked Jerra-Mary."We're just about to cast off and he's not arrived yet!"