Bear Adventures Lost Bear!

Playing on the beach

The three bears were playing on the beach at Ria de Camarinos in North Spain. "This is a very beautiful place," remarked Jerra-Mary."The sea is warm and clear and there are lots of star fish and other animals for us to see. I'm going for a walk in the woods to see if I can find anything else of interest," she said. Little Bear and Keswick were happy enough building sandcastles and shell flowers so decided to stay on the beach. Little Bear was especially pleased to stay in the sun as she had decided to put on her new summer outfit.

Jerra-Mary set off for a wander through the Eucalyptus trees which were very common here. There were plenty of things to interest an inquisitive bear such as Jerra-Mary - like wild flowers, butterflies and various creepy crawlies.

After a while Keswick and Little Bear were getting a bit concerned. They hadn't heard or seen Jerra-Mary for ages and it was starting to get a little late. "We'd better go and look for her," said Little Bear wrongly. So the two set off in the lost bear's direction, calling her name all the while. "Jerra-Mary WHERE ARE YOU?"

After a long walk they heard cries of help from the woods. They appeared to come from an abandoned mine shaft. Anxiously calling to Jerra-Mary, they found her at the bottom of a deep hole. Keswick tried with all his might but could not reach her. "How are we going to get her out?" feared Little Bear. "We need a rope," said Keswick, but there was none at hand. Then Keswick spied the bark peeling off the Eucalyptus trees. "We can make some rope out of that," said Keswick excitedly. The two rescuers pulled off some bark and wove it into a splendid rope and then it was an easy job to haul Jerra-Mary from the hole. "Well am I glad to see you!" she said. "Didn't you see the sign?" asked Little Bear. Jerra-Mary was a little embarrassed and all she could think of in reply was "I think we'd better get back to Poco, otherwise we may miss our tea!"


Keswick and Little Bear collecting bark to make rope.

Keswick and Little Bear help Jerra-Mary out of the mine

Danger! Abandoned mine shaft