Bear Adventures Site Seeing in La Coruña

Waiting for the tram...

"I'm bored!" said Jerra-Mary.  "What shall we do?  We've been left on the boat and it's such a lovely day as well," replied Little Bear.  "Let's do some sightseeing and see what we can find," suggested Keswick.  So the intrepid three decided to spend their pocket money on a sight seeing tram ride around La Coruña.  They were really pleased to be on dry land for a while.

"Trams are great fun," said Jerra-Mary.  The tram took them all around the town with their first stop at the impressive lighthouse.  "Do you remember that on the way here?" asked Keswick.  "It looked so small and we could see it from miles away.  It really was useful when it got dark.  But it is really huge; too big to climb."

"Let's carry on and see what else there is."  So they climbed back on the next tram until they reached the beach.  "Look at that statue," said Little Bear, "it looks just like a real surfer.  Will we be able to go surfing sometime?" she asked no-one in particular.

"And look, a real cannon; well, a big gun really."  The bears love climbing, like all bears, and they clambered all over everything they saw, which made them so tired.

Their last stop was at a nice cake shop where they all treated themselves to cake and ice cream.

What a lovely way to finish off the day, they all agreed.

and here it is.

The lighthouse is so big!

They look so real!

The bears loved