Bear Adventures Bears and the Kon Tiki 2 Expedition

The Four were now in the Pacific and had been visiting all the islands on the way to New Zealand. They crossed the Equator, saying hello to Neptune as they passed. Then they arrived in Galapagos with all the interesting wildlife.

"I loved the sea lions," said Jerra-mary, "they were so cute."

"The Giant Tortoises are huge," remarked Little Bear.

"Well, everything is bigger than you," quipped Keswick. "For me it was the marine iguanas who stole the show."

"I liked the funny swimming birds," chipped in S'Bastion.

"They're called Blue Footed Boobies," said Keswick.

"No - the black and white ones," cried S'Bastion, exasperated.

"Oh, you mean penguins!" said Jerra-mary.

The interesting wildlife in the Galapagos

With Løve, the Norwegian lion

They loved Bora Bora...
The next stop was French Polynesia, with their lovely islands. They all loved Bora Bora but the best was Raiatea - they all went shopping and got some new outfits (except S'Bastion because apes don't like wearing clothes).

It was a lovely sunny morning, when they heard on the radio that the boat Rangaroa was just arriving. There was a lot of excitement in the anchorage -especially from the Norwegian boats. The Four had become friendly with Løve, the lion on board one of them.

"What's all the fuss about?" Jerra-mary asked Løve.

"The Rangaroa is a very special Norweign boat. It's really a raft made out of Balsa wood and has sailed across the Pacific. It is a replica of the Kon Tiki - a very famous boat which did the same trip many years ago," he replied with much excitement. "In fact, we're just going out to meet it - would you like to come?"

Of course the Four jumped at the chance and were astonished that such a craft could have sailed over 4000 miles from Peru.

"We'll have to build a raft like that," said Keswick. "It looks so cool."

The Rangaroa

At the first opportunity, which was on a small atoll called Suwarrow, they set about their task. Keswick was excited and started to plan the construction. "First we've got to get some logs, then some palm leaves to weave the sail, "he said.

"Let's build it here," said Little Bear who was standing on a lovely beach. "OK" they all agreed.

They then walked around the island and found a large tree that had been washed up. "Look!" said S'Bastion, who spotted it as they rounded the corner of the island, "that's just what we want."

"Look! That's just what we want."

They then set about cutting the branches into logs and taking them back to the beach. On the way Little Bear and Jerra-mary found a lovely palm frond, just right for making a sail.

The four then decided to divide the hard work, Keswick and Little Bear building the raft and Jerra-mary and S'Bastion weaving the sail. The sun was hot and although they stopped for drinks from a coconut, they soon had it ready; finally they built a mast and tied the sail on.

"It looks really great!"

"It looks really great!" said Keswick, who was proud of his design. "Let's call it the Kon Tiki 2."

The Four all agreed that this was a great name. "Now we'll see if it floats."

Onto the raft they climbed and pushed out onto the water on their first adventure - to cross the little bay. They were very pleased with their efforts and agreed to set off on a longer trip across the lagoon the next day.

"Now we'll see if it floats."

Across the lagoon they went...
The following morning the sun shone and it looked a really lovely day for a sail so, packing a little lunch basket, they set off. Across the lagoon they went and arrived at a little island.

"Just look at all those birds," said Little Bear, "and so many chicks!"

"Aren't they lovely," said Jerra-mary.

"They're baby frigate birds," Keswick informed them.

They explored the island and saw tropic birds and boobies all nesting close together.

"Just look at all those birds!"

Finally they set off back to their anchorage. As they approached home, Keswick shouted "Sharks! Look - two of them. They're huge and look hungry…"

S'Bastion looked worried, as he always did, and Little Bear was concerned that there wasn't much space between them and the sharks.

"Just keep still and keep your paws out of the water," instructed Keswick. "We're nearly there - now trim the sail a bit and I'm sure we'll make it."

Sure enough they arrived safely back to Poco Andante and quickly scrambled aboard, relieved that the sharks were not hungry for bears (or apes).

"I think that's the last voyage for Kon Tiki II," said Keswick. Not surprisingly there was a nod of agreement from the other three.