Bear Adventures It's Christmas!
"This is HARD work!" exclaimed Keswick grumpily. "We were expecting a nice sunny Christmas holiday on the beach in the Canaries - but here we are carrying all this shopping ready for our trip across the Atlantic." "Never mind, it will be worth it. Think of sunny days on the Caribbean Islands bathing in the warm clear water," Little Bear said trying to be cheerful. "It still feels strange to be spending Christmas in the warm sunshine," said Jerra-Mary.

The three bears and S'Bastion had been sent on an errand to collect some apples and bananas and other fresh fruit ready for the long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. This was a big adventure for most people - let alone three little bears and an ape!

"We've only a few more things to get then we can go and find somewhere pleasant to sit and watch the world go by," consoled Jerra-Mary. They trudged on until Jerra-Mary remarked "Look at that truck over there - it's got three camels in the back." "How strange," answered S'Bastion. "What are they doing there?"

The four walked on and soon completed their tasks. "Let's go and sit in the park before we go back," suggested Keswick. "There seems to be a lot of people there - maybe something is happening." They went over and joined the crowd. After a little while they saw a band marching and lots of gaily coloured floats going past; the occupants were throwing sweets to the crowd. "This is good fun!" laughed Little Bear picking up another handful of sweets.

The crowd grew more excited. "There's Caspar!" S'Bastion heard one of the children exclaim. "Who's Caspar?" S'Bastion asked. "Oh, I understand now!" answered Keswick, "Caspar is one of the Three Kings. The three camels must be taking part in the parade…..Yes look - there's one now." And, sure enough, the culmination of the parade was theThree Kings riding high on the camels they'd seen earlier. "It must be Twelfth Night," continued Keswick. "This is one of the ways that the people in Spain celebrate Christmas. Isn't it fun!"

"What a lovely way to finish the day," said Jerra-Mary. "Such a surprise!"

It's Christmas

Merry Xmas everyone!
"The Three Kings"
"What are those camels doing there?"

"It's a Parade"