Bear Adventures Bears Across Biscay!

The bears now settled into their life afloat.  They set up a nice home for themselves in the fore cabin.  "Very snug it is here!" remarked Jerra-Mary during their trip across the English Channel. "Do you think they need any help on deck?"

"No, they're fine," said Little Bear "they've been quiet for ages.  Let's have another chocolate, Keswick, and then we can get back to sleep.  We'll be in France soon."

Keswick raided their secret supply and the intrepid three settled down sleeping 'til morning.

Sunshine awoke them and the sound of music in the distance; the noise of the anchor dropping had not disturbed them at all.  They climbed on deck and saw that they were laying peacefully in a lovely bay, where there were lots of fishing boats, sailing boats, wind surfers and pleasure craft of all types going past.  Getting ashore meant a longish run in the dinghy, but the outboard made short work of this.  It was worth it to see and taste the different fares that Camaret had to offer.  "Who wants scallops and who wants sausages?" asked Jerra-Mary as the three joined in the festivities.

After a trip exploring the caves on the shore it was time to start getting prepared for crossing the Bay of Biscay so the three settled down and carefully studied the chart, noting that there seemed to be an awful lot of sea to cross.  "Well, I'm glad we've got a good supply of Sherbert Lemons" said Keswick.  But they needn't have worried because the crossing was like sailing in the bath - warm and gentle.  "The dolphins could have put on a better display!" quipped Little Bear.

All of a sudden they found themselves in the middle of another festival in Gijon, North Spain.  "I can't see what's going on" said Little Bear.  "Neither can we!" said the other two.  "Climb up that anchor and tell us what's going on."  "I can see lots of old cars starting to race," and Little Bear broke into his Desmond Lynham impersonation as he described the start of the local rally.  "Hey, I can also see lots of people pouring their drink on the ground.  I wonder what that is about?"  Let's go and see, the three decided, and discovered just around the corner that they were having fun in the midst of a cider festival.  "Wow, this is going to be a busy weekend!" remarked Jerra-Mary.  And it certainly was!!!

Planning the Biscay crossing...


Little Bear in the
"Commentary Box"

Little Bear getting help to climb the anchor