Bear Adventures Bears Across the Atlantic
The Adventurous Four had enjoyed their Christmas and New Year in Las Palmas and were now ready to do the trip of their life - 2600 miles of wild and wet ocean… The Atlantic!

"How long will it take?" asked Jerra-Mary. "Well, at 5 miles per hour I think it will take us 21 days and 16 hours and we've got to help keep watch for all this time," replied Keswick. "What are we watching for?" enquired S'Bastion. "Whales and dolphins and giant squids and other monsters of the deep," quipped Little Bear. "And don't forget other ships and boats," added Jerra-Mary.

Poco Andante, fully crewed and with lots of food and water on board, left on a sunny Tuesday morning. Everyone around was there to wave them off and wish them god speed.

The four then positioned themselves safely to keep a look out. "There she blows!" shouted Jerra-Mary after only 5 hours of sailing. "What's that about?" asked S'Bastion"A whale! A whale!" Little Bear said excitedly. And, sure enough, a little pilot whale was swimming along with a group of dolphins. What a wonderful send off……

The next excitement came one sunny morning when Keswick came across a fish on the deck - he brought it back so the others could see. "It's a sea monster!" said Little Bear, "no ordinary fish have wings!" "It's a flying fish," said Keswick…"Fish don't fly," quipped S'Bastion. "These do. Let's keep a look out to see if we can see any," said Keswick. And sure enough very soon they all saw these creatures skipping across the waves flying just like birds…photo

After 8 days it was decided to have a party - after all it was Jerra-Mary's birthday. So they all busied themselves making cards and found little things to give as presents; there was a shiny shell from Keswick, some chocolate coins from Little Bear and a book about fishes from S'Bastion. Best of all, they all helped make a lovely chocolate cake.

It seemed no sooner than they left when a shout of "Land Ho" came from S'Bastion who was climbing up the rigging one day, "I can see an island!" …And soon they found themselves on their first Tropical Island in the Caribbean - Antigua.

They were all delighted to be on dry land again and set about exploring. S'Bastion found a banana tree and was in heaven. Coconuts grew wild and the beaches were so clean. In the first month they had visited 5 different islands. In Barbados, they joined all the beach babes and soaked up the sun. In St. Maarten they looked in amazement at some of the super yachts. "Look - that one has two helicopters," said Keswick in amazement.

And they all agreed that there's no knowing what will happen next on this adventure…

Poco Andante, fully crewed...
"It's a flying fish," said Keswick
It was Jerra-Mary's birthday...
S'Bastion was in heaven!
Their first tropical island- Antigua
In Barbados they joined the beach babes...
The super-yachts in St.Maarten